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February 14, 2018

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Squashing the problem! 🐝

May 30, 2018

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Squashing the problem! 🐝

May 30, 2018

Each horn fly drains blood and profits from your herd 20 to 30 times per-day. Other flies, such as face flies, stable flies, and house flies are known carriers of costly diseases such as pinkeye and mastitis. Their annoyance and irritation to cattle interferes with normal grazing patterns and reduces weaning and yearling weight gain. Economic losses to cattle producers due to fly problems have been estimated at more than $800 million annually.


This year, instead of reacting after the flies arrive, take control of the problem before it starts. Around-the-clock fly control is possible with ROLYX™ low-moisture block supplements from CRYSTALYX. Each contain performance-proven RABON Oral Larvicide.



A. Livestock consume RABON as they lick ROLYX.

B. The RABON® passes through the animal’s digestive system.

C. Livestock manure now contains RABON that kills larvae before they reach the fly stage.


What are the advantages of using Crystalyx?

Self-feeding blocks mean “around-the-clock” protection, yet daily consumption is highly controlled

Saves time and labor in feeding large or small herds

Compatible with all feeding programs in confined lots or pasture conditions

Highly palatable molasses helps ensure uniform consumption

Consistent consumption = fly control


What are the benefits of a consistent fly control?

The benefits of an effective fly control program include:
Cattle spend time grazing and not congregating
Cows produce more milk
Calves grow faster
Cows have better breedback
Fewer health problems



ROLYX PRO MAG is formulated with added protein and magnesium.

ROLYX MAX provides a balanced mineral and vitamin formula.


Controlling flies helps the bottom line. Some studies have shown that an effective fly control program can provide a $40 payback per cow/calf pair!


For more information on Crystalyx with Rabon or other fly control minerals and tubs or even fly control tags and pour-ons, stop in the office or give us a call at 406-488-1953 or Ben at 406-480-2953

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