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February 14, 2018

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May 30, 2018

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Is the urea in my protein tubs, hard on my horses?

November 22, 2017

Is the urea in my protein tubs, hard on my horses?

While we understand that every horse is different. High-protein feeds do not cause kidney damage to HEALTHY horses. Excess protein is excreted in the urine as urea. When a horse takes in more protein than he needs, he tends to urinate m


ore and the urine is often stronger smelling. In the past this was equated with kidney stress. However, horses that have developed liver or kidney disease from another cause may be put on protein-restricted diets to ease the workload on the compromised organs.

As long as the protein tubs are not the horses main source of nutrition they will be fine and making sure they have plenty of grass/good quality hay and fresh clean water to drink so they can pass it, they will be fine. To be on the safe side... If you have cattle & horses together in a pasture. We have protein tub options that will be safe for both your cattle & horses. We also have a tub that can be fed to all your grazing animals!


CRYSTALYX® SWEET 14%™ supplement is designed for self-feeding situations where cattle, sheep, goats, equines and/or bison are grazed in common pastures.


CRYSTALYX® Stable-lyx® is a unique, palatable, nutrient dense supplement designed for consistent self-fed consumption by all classes of equine. Stable-lyx® ensures daily intake of trace minerals and vitamins necessary for top performance.


CRYSTALYX® Sheep-lyx™ is a 16% protein, nutrient-dense supplement designed for all classes of sheep consuming forage-based diets. Sheep-lyx™ contains no added copper.


On hand; we have the Stable-lyx in 250#, 125#, & 60# tubs and the Sheep-lyx in 250# & 125#. Crystalyx offers many other types of tubs that are safe for multi-species & we would love to work with you on getting exactly what you need. Give us a call or stop in the office anytime! Office 406-488-1953 or Ben 406-480-2953

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