Our mission is to help you maximize the production of your cattle with the feed that is already in your operation. We provide supplements to improve your cattle’s overall performance and digestion of dry forages. We also work to help you preserve the nutrients in your hay and silage with inoculant, hay preservatives and machinery.

Livestock & Pet Feeds

We supply you with feeds to help improve the health, performance and well-being of all your animals. Our goal is to provide you with high quality products that help you achieve success and personal satisfaction while also providing peace of mind by delivering a wholesome feed. We are a proud dealer of Famo Feeds, Hubbard Feeds and Woody's.

Mineral Supplements

A quality mineral program is critical to the longevity, health and conception rates of your herd. All of our supplements are chelated and formulated specifically for the MonDak region by Famo Feeds. Our products are fully customizable for backgrounding calves and supplementing your cow/calf operation.

Show-Rite Show Feeds

Show-Rite is a Hubabrd Feeds brand uniquely designed to provide your show livestock with modern, technologically advanced nutrition. We work to help customers overcome many commonly faced challenges and ensuring your animals get the most from their feed.

Protien Supplements

Protein supplementation is important for maximize the utilization the forages you have. We carry a full line of liquid feeds with full mineral packages made by WestWay Feeds. These can be fed free choice or as a part of a TMR. We also are a proud Crystalyx dealer.

Forage Preservatives

Putting up quality forage is an important part of making your operation run efficiently. We provide a full line of inoculants and hay preservatives. We also are Anderson Group equipment dealers. We rent and sell Anderson Bale Wrappers allowing you to put up and feed haylage with the equipment you have. We also sell Anderson Bale movers. 

Feedlot Supplements

Our line of feedlot supplements are designed to complement any feeding program. Offered in a varying range of levels, medicated or non medicated, and for growing steers or developing replacement heifers or bulls. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality feeds for your whole herd!

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