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We have high quality supplements to go into your TMR available in medicated and non-medicated forms and completely customizable. Ask us about our all-natural programs.

Pasture supplementation is proving to be more and more important as we learn more about how the cow’s nutrition effects the calf throughout its life. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality on pasture supplements.

Every year it seems to get harder to get all of the hay put up in a timely manner. We are here to help. We have hay preservatives and applicators that will allow you to bale up to 25% moisture and hay wrappers that will allow you to put up haylage at 45-55% moisture with the equipment you already own.

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🌨 Rite in the Rain calving books!

This notebook has a place to record ID numbers, the dates of service and the estimated due date of the calf. There is also a handy column for comments. Come in and pick up your's today - Just $6.50!! If you've never seen or heard of a Rite in the Rain product before, follow to this link and watch! Rite in the Rain is a water-resistant paper! The paper is wood-based and recyclable, unlike normal paper, won't turn to mush when exposed to the weather.

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